Today's energy costs evolves in an environment that is more and more complex, where the market volatility contributes to unexpected price price increases. This context brings continued preoccupation when managing your energy budget.

If you are looking for a stable and predictable price, the fixed price program is certainly the answer to your needs.


Our services

Gaz Métro Fixed Price Program
Regroupement LAFAR (7,500m³ to 1,168,000m³),

You are inconvenienced by the volatility of the natural gas prices and you are looking for a way to protect yourself against market fluctuations? Choose the Gaz Métro Fixed Price Program which allows you to fix your natural gas price with a recognized supplier. This way you will find the budget stability you are looking for.

You are interested by Gaz Métro’s Fixed Price Program? You are looking for a recognized and reliable supplier? You would like to deal in full confidence with a professional and reliable supplier? You wish to work with an experienced team that is always at your service? Lafar/Access, work together in order to better inform you, guide you with your choices and guarantee you a natural gas supply of the highest quality.

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Direct purchase – Large users of natural gas

You are a large user of natural gas and you want to contract your fuel supply directly from a producer? Access Gas Services offers, as part of its regular service, a short or long term contract for variable or fixed price (Spot according to various index prices), Buy/Sell Service (with transfer of ownership) or Bundle-T Service (without transfer of ownership).

You can rely on its team of professional people well acquainted with market conditions and ready to provide you with helpful advice that will facilitate your decision making. 

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Energy management Consulting services

Regroupement LAFAR proposes the following actions:

• Analyse your energy consumptions and review your natural gas and electrical rates;
• Prepare an annual energy evaluation report structured to control and reduce your energy costs;
• Review your operations and optimize your energy utilization;
• Evaluate the condition of your existing equipment and assure you that they are operating at their maximum efficiency;

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