Energy management

Energy management must be considered as an important step in reducing and optimizing your energy consumption, thus ensuring control of your costs. In large businesses, where this financial cost is important, managing their energy requirements becomes a full time process which is generally done by one of their employees that is specialized in the energy field.

This energy manager is involved in every facet of the operations that can have an improving effect on their energy demand . His objective aims at continually improving the company’s energy knowledge in order to exercise an ultimate control of their energy demand.

Your business situation

  • Without being a large business, your total energy costs represent nonetheless an important part of your expenses;
  • You believe that something must be done but you just do not have the time to implement such a process;
  • Your primary business activities make it difficult for you to hire or integrate a qualified energy management employee to undertake or monitor this type of activity.

Our offer:

You can benefit from Regroupement LAFAR’s knowledge and experience which will bring you, in a profitable manner, the support required in order to set-up an energy management structure and in fact, if you so desire, can get involved in the realization of such a plan and ensure periodic follow-up thereafter.

The following elements will be addressed:

  • the rising costs of energy;
  • technological evolution and the increasing choice of more efficient systems;
  • distributors’ wide range of rates and various billing methods;
  • all of the financial incentives, that are available in today’s markets, for the realization of energy efficient projects.

Experience clearly indicates, that savings which are generated by the realization and continued follow-up of an energy management plan, adequately justifies the costs and the investments incurred.

Your plan :

A winning formula favours the integration of Regroupement LAFAR within your organization in order to work closely with your personnel and realize with them the energy management process you wish to implement.

Thanks to such a plan you can:

  • improve your installations and reduce your yearly energy costs;
  • ensure that all energy bills correspond to the actual consumption and that the most advantageous rates are applied.

The information, advice and recommendation will be provided on the following items:

  • the condition of your equipment and installations;
  • the review of your operations and evaluation of their efficiency;
  • the possibility of resorting, in a profitable manner, to the installation of more performing technologies;
  • the evolution of your energy consumptions, the analysis compared to other similar businesses and a review of the energy rates applicable;
  • the implementation of corrective measures which will reduce your energy costs;
  • the identification of commercial programs, as well as, financial assistance programs that are available to you.

The results generally allow us to rapidly target the necessary actions which will generate important energy savings. Based on the above, an energy management plan is prepared identifying the modifications required, the financial return on investment and a revised energy cost budget projection.

Following a project start-up, the required follow-up actions will be identified thus assuring the installations will perform according to the projected savings, that the new operating procedures are respected and that any disparity between the actual billing and the projected figures will be corrected immediately.