Direct Purchase – Large user customers

Our gas supplier is Access Gas Services Inc., an integrated energy company delivering natural gas services to industrial, commercial and institutional customers throughout Canada.  Regroupement Lafar and Access Gas Services Inc. have concluded an agreement whereas Regroupement Lafar represents them in the Québec market.

A reliable and experienced supplier

Access Gas Services Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Niska Gas Storage, whose controlling shareholder is the Carlyle/Riverstone Global and Power Fund Group. Niska Gas Storage is the largest independent natural gas storage company in North America. Niska owns and operates approximately 164 Bcf of working gas capacity (equivalent close to 75% of Gaz Metro’s yearly sales) of which 125 Bcf at AECO in Alberta. Access Gas Services Inc. has the financial and operational capacity to guarantee its customers the most competitive pricing with the least risk.

With more than 20 years of joint experience in the energy management market, Access Gas Services Inc. is now a leader in the field of managing and optimizing natural gas transportation. Its knowledge of pipeline and distribution systems throughout Canada assures you the efficient management of your natural gas needs.

Here to serve our customers

In partnership with Access Gas Services Inc., Regroupement Lafar is able to provide all the expertise and knowledge required to support you with the realization of your natural gas cost objectives. We offer a personalized service to our customers and assist them by developing specific acquisition strategies with flexible products, as well as clear, transparent and efficient billing practices.

We can offer you different types of short or long-term gas supply contracts: with supply at a variable price (based on a price index structure), at a fixed price or a combination of both, with supply on Buy/Sell (based on property transfer) or on Bundle-T (without property transfer), all according to your needs and preferences.